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The OneNewsGlobal publication is a premium newsletter that brings clean,factual, summarized global news and trends to businesses and households.OneNews Global comes to you via email, providing the key world news in aunique, condensed format, ideally suited to busy schedules.

OneNewsGlobal Content

In general, OneNewsGlobal covers:

(a) Political and economic news, including currency exchange rates, oil price, etc.
(b) Military initiatives and activity
(c) General topics: Healthcare, education, science, technology, environment, energy, weather, natural disasters, etc.

All graphics, images, content, format and layout of OneNews Global have beencarefully edited and vetted to provide you a safe, easy to read, and helpfulNewsletter. It is our mandate to provide a balanced viewpoint, completelyfree of bias. Simply put, OneNews reports information, not opinions.

The following news content will not be covered:

  • Sports, including the Olympics and its ceremonies
  • Unsavory detail on the private lives of public figures and celebrities
  • Entertainment
  • No unsuitableimages or photos
  • Comics and cartoons
  • Fictional material
  • Most crime details

In addition to the general content categories listed above, OneNewsGlobal covers regional news as well:

  • CARIBBEAN (including Cuba)
  • UK
  • USA
  • And other areas of global interest including the rest of South America, Africa & Asia.

If you have any comments or suggestions we’d be glad to hear them! Contact us: onenews@onenewsglobal.com

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